I kept being blown away by all this amazing flower-headed Castiel art so I thought I’d make my own in stained glass. 12”x12”

(this one time, long ago, I also made team free will)


"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around


I saw this today, and my first thought was that you guys would want one as much as I do.

Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful girl ♡


Sunrise Bear | 


corsica sotto la luna | 


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if you are ever feeling down about yourself, imagine meeting linda from bob’s burgers. because linda sees good in everyone. 

are you a not-so-ex con? linda thinks you’re a great employee. a little shallow? linda thinks your style is fabulous. where did you get that shirt? in love with a mannequin? everyone deserves happiness. a little off-key? but you have so much pizazz! linda wants to sing show tune duets with you. you should come sing at the restaurant! self-conscious? linda thinks you have the most beautiful smile.


(etsy - by Farizula)


Stars III

Natalie Foss