TT re-watch: 3.36

Dear @billymoran or Whoever Runs Billy’s Tumblr, thanks for the follow, here is a photo of Billy that I like. 

(taken at the LS show in Boston, May 25, 2013)


im sorry but if you dont have your replies enabled how am i supposed to be your best friend and the love of your life


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These go back to about…2005, I think?

I’m gonna tag waitingforwhatscoming, exaggeratedspecificity, nonsenseandawkwardness, and dirtybrian - if they wish to participate!





this is my favourite thing ever

oh my god

this is the happiest endverse fanart i’ve ever seen

this is amazing 

Ok I have a full day tomorrow so I’m going to bed bbs *kisses you all gently* have an excellent night xoxo